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Social media management

The most effective way to reach out

Social media is referring to websites and apps that lets people and companies share content fast, effective and in real-time. It is definitely the most effective way to reach out, sell and build a brand. You can get enormous reach on social media by inspiring people with your services, products or knowledge. We think that all companies should take advantage of social media, regardless if you are selling products or services. We can help you in either a mini education for you to take care of your own chanels, or manage them for you on a monthly basis. 

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Our Social Media Services

We can help you with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

To best understand your needs please contact us.

Instagram feed strategy

Including feed layout, colours, graphic guidelines and a plan suggesting what and when to post. 

Mini education

We show you how to use social media (Facebook and Instagram) so you can handle your own channels. 

Full management

We handle everything for you. This requires a good collaboration with you for best possible results. 

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