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A creative web design and marketing agency based in the Malaga region on The Costa del Sol in Spain. Improve specialises in helping companies that want to explore and reach their full potential using new technology and smart solutions. Gain new customers and keep them updated and satisfied is the most important aspect of all business.  The experience, qualified knowledge, and dedication are what sets Improve apart. The most efficient solutions are at your fingertips. Start improving your companies online presence today!





Based in Estepona with clients all over Europe

IMPROVE IT SOLUTONS S.L. was founded in 2014 by Swedish freelancers Emelie Christiansen and Marcus Fütö in Estepona, Costa del Sol. The company has grown from helping the smallest businesses in the town, to companies all over Europe including companies listed on the stock exchange. The focus, however, continues to be a strong belief that all companies deserve a fresh and modern face online. Having helped businesses ranging from restaurants, car rentals, and mechanics, to hotels and investment firms, their experience has grown during the years. The experience is not only in understanding their clients but also in how to best address their current online presence and turn it into something breathtaking. Distance is never an issue when using the right tools. This is the reason satisfied customers come back even when they sometimes are far away. For anybody on the Costa del Sol, a coffe is always prefered 🙂

With a big heart and engagement we help you with:

Clarifying communication
Stand out amongst your competitors. We make sure your unique advantages are communicated clearly both on the web and in printed material!

Improving accessibility
Be accessible for your clients. We create responsive websites and set up a strategy to reach your target audience through suitable media.

Digital Marketing
Create strong customer relationships. We engage customers in your business through social media and other forms of web interaction.

Learning the basics
We guide you to successful marketing. Our priority is that you are satisfied. We are accessible at all times for support and guidance.

Our passion is to help companies grow

When we moved to Estepona in 2014, we thought we had it all clear-cut. Many websites really needed to get an update and some businesses were not even online. We thought it would be easy, however, we soon realized that businesses were satisfied the way things were, and didn’t really see the meaning of a modern website. It took us quite a while until we had proven our worth for both the Spanish and the foreign business owners around the area. Times have changed and due to the recent setbacks in the economy, it has been realized by many, that a new way of thinking is required to stay afloat in the post-pandemic era. Let us tell you more about our story and how we can help your company rise above the fallen. 

What our clients say

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